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    Anklet Measuring Guide

    Anklet Measuring Guide

    Whether you are ordering anklets for yourself or as a gift, the proper sizing may come into question. Our anklet size charts show the total anklet circumference measured in inches. There are three easy ways to measure your comfort-fit ankle size.

    1. Check the length of your favourite anklet

    Step 1: Place your open anklet on a table

    Step 2: Using the centimetre/inch edge of a ruler, measure from the outer edge of the clasp to the other end of the anklet.

    In this example, the Anklet size is 10.5 inch

    2. Measure your ankle using a flexible measuring tape

    Step 1: Measure your ankle close to the skin with a soft measuring tape, just above the ankle bone. you can also measure by wrapping a string around your ankle and then measure the string with a ruler. 

    Step 2: Check the length. Use the Anklet sizing chart to determine the size you need to order.

    3. Measure your ankle using a paper strip / thread

    Anklet Size Conversion Chart

    You can always reach out if you need more personal guidance

    Have no worries when you shop online for anklets with us. We guide and help customers all over the world on a daily basis, and our jewellery experts will do whatever it takes to find the perfect fit and size for the jewellery you're looking for. And please remember if you are still in doubt, you can shop safely with us. We guarantee that you can always exchange or resize your purchase within 14 days.